Get involved in shaping the future of synthetic media

AI technology can feel distant to people, who are not directly involved in AI research. But in the end, it’s us who will be (or already are) interacting with synthetic media in daily visual communication.

The brainstorming cards lower the entry-level to the AI ethics conversation by giving a fast overview of the state of AI media generation at the moment.

The deck consists of 23 workshop cards representing the most influential AI models for generating synthetic media.​

Specially designed cards for educational purposes during workshops and brainstorming sessions enable thinking about synthetic media. Get quickly familiar with the new AI-driven tools, understand how they work, and start engaging in the media synthesis.

The cards are split into 7 categories: image synthesis, video synthesis, sound synthesis, text-based models, recognition, models for post-processing, and workflow.


Learn about the currently most accessible AI models for generating synthetic media


Brainstorm the future use-cases and scenarios for the synthetic media.


Use the cards to design the workflow and generate new examples of synthetic media.

Collective Vision of Synthetic Reality


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How do you imagine the future use of synthetic media?


Collective Vision of Synthetic Reality is a participatory project that aims to collect and analyze the ideas, scenarios, crazy dreams, hopes, and fears concerning the emergence of AI-generated synthetic media.

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